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CH Jadem Halls Xaggeration 

OFA Hips-MF-7761F26M-VPI​

OFA Shoulder-MF-SH39M26-VPI

OFA Patella-MF-PA1932/26M/P-VPI

OFA Cardiac-MF-CA1984/26M/P-VPI

OFA Eyes-MF-3543


  • DNA PRA-Clear​

  • DNA CMR1-Clear

  • DNA DM-Clear

  • DNA Cystinuria 1-1

                  (Negative urine)​

  • Championed at 14 mo. of age.

  • Always owner handled 

  • First bred by champion at Jadem

  • Certified working service dog

  • Xavier has a DeerRun Free Pedigree


Xavier was born and raised here at Jadem. He was our keeper boy out of Shamarah & Egan.  Xavier was shown and finished his championship out of the bred by class at the young age of 14mo. Making him Jadems first bred by champion.

Xavier had such a fun disposition. So full of love and lots of energy. Always keeping me on my toes. When we showed, he was the constant comic relief! Always trying to pull my skirt off or trying to take the leash away from me while in the ring! Earning his nickname "hellboy" for always giving me hell. Xavier has an old preserved pedigree and is only available at stud on a very strict limited basis.  

Xavier later went on to live with a friend of ours who had suddenly lost her constant companion. Xavier was trained as a working service animal who provided a service to our disabled friend.  Xavier aka Tiny lived a blessed life for 10 1/2 years!